Sukno accountingand consulting company

25 years of experience

Our quality service, commitment to high business standards and customized client approach has not gone unnoticed by our clients. Our services are based on advanced specialization and professional experience. Our commitment is demonstrated by up-to-date investment in the professional education and comprehensive business relations.

Accounting services

We can help you reduce your expenses and save time so you can focus on your core business. In addition to the legally required documentation, we are your support regarding your finances. Our company provides a full range of accounting services, including the following:


  • The initial accounts setup and the development of accounting plan
  • All aspects of bookkeeping (accounts receivable, accounts payable etc)
  • Managing day to day transactions and data entry into an accounting program


Our fiscal year financial reporting services are customized, thorough and reliable. They include:

  • Preparation of the fiscal year financial reports and accompanying notes


  • Value added tax
  • Corporate income tax, withholding tax, special taxes, excise duties and other taxes
  • Interest rates
  • Currency exchange rate differences
  • Depreciation of fixed assets
  • Travel expenses
  • Cash register


  • Record keeping and reconciliation of buyer/supplier accounts
  • Cash transactions
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Fees and duties status monitoring
  • Support during tax and other financial audits
  • Reporting to the State institutions (PU, HZZO, HZMO, FINA, HNB)
  • Creation of accounting policies in accordance with the legal provisions and liabilities


In order to make your business more efficient and to keep your business management completely in your hands, let us manage your management accounting. Our services include:

  • Planning, budgeting and analysis
  • Monthly and Quarterly Management Reports
  • Accounts receivable management and status monitoring
  • Cash flow management
  • Cost Planning
  • Liquidity planning
  • Profitability calculations and cost-benefit analysis of investments
  • Categorization of revenues and costs by areas of responsibility, management, profit centres


We provide accurate and timely payroll payments. We take care of your tax obligations and we are up-to-date with all changes in tax and labour legislation.


In order to successfully implement your business strategy, we are at your disposal for financial and tax consulting.


  • Assistance in the establishment of trade companies and commercial representations in collaboration with external legal experts
  • Business address leasing services
  • Obtaining necessary documentation required by state institutions (PU, DZS, HZZO, MIO etc.)
  • Employee registration with state institutions HZMO and HZZO

When I open the door to the Sukno office, I feel like I've come home. Energy that radiates there is full of professionalism and courtesy, and all employees are always ready to respond even to the most obvious questions. There are no "stupid questions" and inconvenient timing. They are full of patience, but also quick and professional in solving any business problems. There are no issues for Sukno that cannot be solved, and they are solved in the best possible way. Behind every successful company stands Sukno! :)

Sukno d.o.o has been successfully operating since 1994 in the field of accounting, management accounting and consulting. It employs specialists in whom the company regularly invests in further education, with the aim of improving company's quality, expertise and competence. Our clients are entrepreneurs, foreign affiliates, pharmacies and non-profit organizations.

Why choose us?

We are a company that is big enough to have expertise and knowledge, and small enough to care for every client. For us, you are not a business entity, for us you are a person. That is exactly how we approach each client, with interest in your business. We build a partnership with you, participate in meeting your goals and apply strategies, and believe your success is our success.

We are a reliable partner; we are up-to-date, accurate and transparent.

We look forward to collaborating with you.